VCAL Resources

Several resources have been developed to extend the learning of VCAL students participating in the Getting the Message program (where students create a community health campaign) and the Road to Zero Physics Challenge.

The resources address the Personal Development Skills, Literacy and Numeracy outcomes of the VCAL curriculum.

The pre-visit resources allow students to gain knowledge about road safety before their Road to Zero excursion. The post-visit resources are designed to build on students' learning following the excursion.

Getting the message resources

To cater for different learning needs, the resources include suggestions for modification and alternative (simplified) student worksheets. Each resource has also been rated according to level of difficulty (easy, moderate or challenging) so you can choose activities that best meet the needs of your students.

It is not envisaged that students would do all the activities, however, doing at least one pre-visit and one post-visit activity will help to maximise learning from the Road to Zero visit. While all the activities are stand-alone, the following resources have been designed as sequence to provide a more in-depth understanding of health campaigns:

  • TAC road safety campaigns - 'Then and Now'
  • Analysing road safety campaigns
  • Road safety campaigns - targeting the message

Download the resources overview here.

Please see downloadable resources below.

Road to Zero physics challenge resources