Children's Activities

Road to Zero has developed some fun, downloadable activities to engage and educate children aged four-to-10 about road safety.

Create a car

This activity involves children creating and decorating their own cut-and-fold card and learning about car safety features! You just need a printer, coloured pencils, scissors and sticky tape or glue.

Activity booklet

Safe riders, scooters and skaters

Make a chatterbox

This short video demonstrates how to fit a bicycle helmet correctly and keep safe while riding. Watch it with your children and then make the chatterbox together.

Colouring in templates

This art activity is great for sparking conversation with your children about how they can keep safe while riding their bikes, scooters and skateboards. Simply print out the templates and ask your children to use their imagination to add to the scenes and then colour in their creations.

Children can stick their completed masterpieces on their bedroom wall or near where their bikes, scooters and skateboards are stored - as a reminder to wear their helmets!

Download templates

Booster seats – it’s about height not age

When it comes to booster seats, what matters is the child’s height – not their age, because all kids grow at different rates.

Some children may reach 145cm at age 8 or 9, but most won't get there until around 11 or older.

No matter how old a child is, if they fit a size 4 t-shirt, they’re probably around 108cm tall and if they fit a size 11, they’re getting close to 145cm tall.

That means that any child who fit a size 11 t-shirt or smaller, is likely to be under 145cm and should still be in a booster seat, regardless of their age.

For more information about child restraints and booster seats, head to the Car Seats Save Lives website.

Have some fun with our Booster Tag Chatterbox

Make this chatterbox by downloading and printing the template above PDF, 6.03MB. Play the Booster Seat Safety Game by colouring in the booster seats, making the chatterbox and sharing questions and answers about booster seats.