Science Resources

Resources for remote and classroom teaching

Take a look at our new resources that bring the Road to Zero museum experience to your students!

The free learning activities introduce students to the physics of road safety and the concepts of speed and force, and support learning at levels 9-10 from the Science Understanding and Science Inquiry Skills Strands of the Victorian Curriculum.

Complementing digital experiences that have been adapted from the Road to Zero Education Complex, the resource package includes teacher information, and six student worksheets, designed for both remote and classroom teaching.

Download the resources overview here.

Resources to complement the Road to Zero Physics Challenge

These resources extend the learning of students participating in the Road to Zero Physics Challenge. The resources address the Victorian Science Curriculum at Years 9 and 10.

Pre-visit resources

It is recommended that you cover the topic of motion if your students are taking part in the Road to Zero Physics Challenge. You can use the resources above to teach a unit on motion.

The activities Safer roads where we live and Calm down! Speed and road treatments investigation could be done before the visit to expose students to the key concepts of the program.

Post-visit resources

The downloadable resources below are designed to build on students' learning following their Road to Zero excursion.