The Vision

Since 2000 over 5,500 deaths and 105,000 serious injuries have occurred on Victorian roads. Family members, friends, colleagues and team mates have lost their lives or been injured on the roads.

Every day we take over 14 million trips to get where we need to go, in vehicles, on foot, on bicycles or public transport. Each trip we take should be a safe one.

We all face risks on the roads and we all make mistakes. Making a mistake on the roads should not cost your life or result in a serious injury. Our goal is zero: zero lives lost and zero serious injuries. That's why we need to ensure we have a safe transport system in place. Together we can build a system that protects us from our own mistakes and those of others.

By building forgiving roads, matching travel speeds to the vulnerability of our bodies and sharing a commitment to safety, zero is possible.

Let’s discover more about how you can be part of the first generation to see zero deaths and serious injuries on Victorian roads with our state-of-the-art exhibit experiences.

Making of video

Road to Zero Evaluation Summary Report

A process evaluation of the Road to Zero Education Complex was undertaken in 2019. The Evaluation Summary Report can be found here.