Why Generation Zero

Why Generation Zero

A multi-screen, multi-narrative video that explores why it’s so important to work towards having no lives lost or serious injuries on our roads, while introducing ideas around how this can be achieved.

Body built to survive

Body Built to Survive Transformation

An interactive experience that maps the visitor’s face onto a virtual body on a large screen, inviting them to discover how their body would have to adapt to survive impacts at different speeds as a cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian. A digital souvenir image is then sent to those who provide an email address.

Crash force elevator

Crash Forces Elevator Experience

An elevator simulation with an immersive panoramic view of the Royal Exhibition Building and surrounds. As visitors travel up from floor to floor, the ever increasing height of the elevator is used to demonstrate the impact that different speeds on the road can have on our bodies, culminating in a dramatic ‘drop’ from the 11th floor.

Meet Graham

Meet Graham

A large interactive screen that invites visitors on a digital exploration of TAC’s well-known Graham sculpture, discovering why he’s built the way he is and how he compares to our bodies.


Designing a safe environment

Designing a Safe Environment

A multi-screen interactive experience that looks at four different road environments and the risks they can pose. Visitors are tasked with making each environment as safe as possible for all road users through the application of different road treatments.

VR Road to Zero

VR Road trip to zero

A 3-minute virtual reality experience where visitors travel in a car from 1970 to 2055, learning the history of road safety in Victoria and discovering what a future with zero deaths and serious injuries might look like.

Vehicle safety projection

Vehicle Safety Projection

Five key safety features that help prevent crashes and protect vehicle occupants are demonstrated via 3D projection mapping onto a model car.

Speed, Physics and Crashes

Speed, Physics and Crashes

Interactive levers work in conjunction with digital screens to teach visitors about the role speed plays in the impact of a crash. Four different crash types are shown.

Safe Car Showroom

Safe Car Showroom

Augmented reality and rotating 3D-printed cars highlight key safety features available in cars at different budgets.



Road to Zero

Safer Behaviours Quiz

A series of interactive screen-based quizzes that test visitors’ knowledge on the impacts of alcohol and drugs, speeding, and driving while tired or distracted.

Do your part exhibit

Do Your Part

An interactive experience that invites visitors to contribute the ways in which they will play their part in working towards zero. Each contribution exists alongside others from the community, emphasising the shared responsibility of road safety.

D Crook

Street View Entrance Videos

A portal to another world created by visual artist, Daniel Crooks, where a footpath moves easily between urban and rural locations to suggest a hybrid space where the responsibility for road safety is shared by all.